Sexual Assault Protection Order

Nebraska’s Sexual Assault Protection Order is intended to provide specific relief to sexual assault victims.

 You (petitioner) will be filing this order against the respondent (person you are seeking protection from).

A Sexual Assault Protection Order does not depend upon relationships and is granted because someone subjected or attempted to subject the other person to sexual contact or sexual penetration without consent.

The protection order may prohibit the respondent from imposing any restraint upon the person or liberty of the petitioner, harassing, threatening, assaulting, molesting, attacking, or otherwise disturbing the peace of the petitioner, and/or telephoning, contacting, or otherwise communicating with the petitioner.

If you have additional questions regarding the sexual assault protection order and/or would like assistance in filling out the petition/affidavit, please contact one of our advocates.

A Sexual Assault Protection Order includes:

the praecipe

the petition

the social security information page


For more information, check out the State of Nebraska Judicial Branch website.