If You’ve Been Raped

Take steps right away if you have been sexually assaulted.

  • Know that when you are forced to have any kind of sexual contact without your consent, it is not your fault.
  • Get to a safe place, away from the attacker.  Contact someone you trust. Go to this person’s house or have them come to where you are. Ask them to stay with you for support.
  • If you want to report the assault, call 911 or the police.
  • Call DASAS and talk with an advocate.
  • Seek medical attention immediately. Do not change your clothes, do not bathe or brush your teeth. Do not go to the bathroom if possible. This is in order to preserve evidence if you choose to make a police report. Going to the hospital is for your medical safety.  You need to be examined, treated for any injuries, and screened for possible sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or pregnancy. The doctor will collect evidence using a rape kit for fibers, hairs, saliva, semen, or clothing that the attacker may have left behind. Even with no visible physical injuries, it is important to determine if internal injuries were sustained. 
  • Write down all you can remember about the assault and the perpetrator.
  • Do not touch or change anything at the scene of the assault.
  • Hospital staff will call the police from the emergency room.  It is your decision whether or not to file a report.
  • If you suspect you may have been drugged, ask that a urine and/or a blood sample be collected and tested.
  • Remember that it is NOT your fault.
  • Recognize that healing from sexual assault or any trauma takes time. Allow yourself the time you will need to recover emotionally, mentally, and physically. There is no set time frame for your healing process.